Helping to Improve Children's Social, Physical and Emotional Health Through the Human-Animal Bond

Sir Barrington Maximus

Barrington Maximus (“Max”) Allen is a five year old Rough Collie from Brown Acres Collies in rural Missouri. Rough collies are herding dogs known for their intelligence, adaptability, and compatibility with people. Born on Valentine’s day, Max has warmed the hearts of everyone he has met. Max has always been very comfortable around children and people. He is very much a talker, loves to eat peanut butter, and enjoys sitting outside and letting the wind blow through his hair.

Max has interacted with children at local schools, churches, and veterinary hospitals since he was 10 weeks old and was a natural fit for Pets Help The Heart Heal Inc. He helps children understand what is in involved in a comprehensive physical exam at career day presentations and provides puppy love sessions in the process. Max is a true representation of the human animal bond.

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