How to inspire the next generation of veterinarians

In this episode of dvm360 Live!™, host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, interviews Stephanie Jones, DVM, and Chris Carpenter, DVM. The trio explores the pivotal role of mentorship in shaping the paths of aspiring veterinarians and the impact of a powerful new app.

Dr Stephanie Jones DVM
Dr Stephanie Jones DVM interview on DVM360

Navigating the aspirations of future veterinarians

The interview puts a spotlight on the aspirations of budding veterinarians and the challenges they face in navigating the intricacies of the profession. Christman delves into the profound impact of mentorship, emphasizing the importance of nurturing young minds who harbor a passion for veterinary medicine. The conversation explores the power of saying “yes” to young enthusiasts, igniting inspiration and providing valuable exposure to the field’s inner workings. As Jones aptly states, the support and encouragement offered to these aspiring veterinarians can be transformational, not only for their journeys but for the entire veterinary community.

Innovative tools for empowerment

Jones and Carpenter introduce the new Vet Volunteer app, a platform that streamlines the process of finding and tracking shadowing opportunities. This transformative tool not only enables students to log their volunteer hours efficiently, but also empowers them to contribute by adding new locations to the app’s database. The app not only bridges the gap between seasoned professionals and eager learners but also acts as a community hub, facilitating interactions and broadcasting vital news within the veterinary sphere.

As the interview concludes, the resounding impact of mentorship and the vet volunteer app becomes clear. From kindling passion in young hearts to fostering a sense of purpose in established veterinarians, mentorship proves to be a dynamic force for positive change.

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